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Top Tips for Writing up a Business Plan

Writing up a business plan may seem like a daunting task. However here are some general things to remember before starting the task to make sure your plan really speaks to your audience.

1.    Remember to keep it simple-  There is no need for your business plan to be a long, extensive document.  It is never good for it be pages and pages long as people soon lose interest, which is the opposite effect you want!  Instead keep it short and simple to make sure your audience keeps interested.  Write down the key points you need to get across and then number them in importance.  Prioritise and then ruthlessly edit anything you feel you might not need.  Write in simple language as the most important thing you need to be is understood.

2.    Remember the numbers- It can seem like a bit of a daunting task if maths isn’t your strong point, however the numbers are so important as they can really tell a story. Figures can help your business look more impressive so take time to make sure they are in your business plan.  Also keep it simple, if you are having trouble understanding then it will be almost impossible for anyone else to.  

3.    Remember your audience-  When writing always keep your audience in mind.  Think about what they want to hear and prioritise these sections.  The last thing you want to do is sound irrelevant so make sure you edit or write different business plans for different audiences.  By keeping your audience in mind and prioritising them this will keep your business plan more interesting. 

4.    Remember your goals- Always outline the “what’s next” of your business.  Keep in mind the goals you have set and think about how you can best formulate them on paper to make sure that they sound realistic and attainable.  Having a plan helps, so spend some time formulating a clear plan with dates and goals and then think about how you can fit this into your business plan to make sure your point and potential vison really comes across.


For a more comprehensive look into writing a business plan take a look at Angels Den guide to writing a business plan.  This guide gives to in depth help and details in how each section should flow and come together.