We’re on a mission to encourage more people to become investors and participate alongside our experienced lead investors and we would like to encourage you to spread the word. If you introduce a new investor, we’ll pay you 50% of our success fee anytime that investor participates in a deal alongside you (subject to Terms and Conditions). If you would rather invest further in the deal in question (instead of receiving cash) then we’ll increase the referral fee to 60% for you to re-invest.

How does it work?

If you have invested in a deal and are thinking of introducing new investors, please email us at, letting us know who you are referring.


We’ll pay you 50% of the success fee we make as a result of the new investor(s) commitment. We will make this payment not only on this deal but on future deals in which your referee's co-invest alongside you.


Alternatively, if you’d rather increase your equity in the company instead of taking cash (you love the company after all), we’ll pay you 60% of the success fee for you to reinvest in the deal.


If you have any questions or would like to begin referring investors
then please drop us an email at

For more information and the full terms and conditions,
please see our Investor Referrals Terms and Conditions.