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Speedfunding was pioneered by Angels Den seven years ago and is still the flagship event for early stage growth businesses with traction. Every month, Mandy and Piers screen around 300 companies and present the best 10 in a rapid and friendly format. Drawing on the speed dating format, it provides the chance for investors to hear briefly from ten pre-screened deals on a one-to-one basis. 

Investors can ask questions without everyone listening and before deciding who to follow up and have further discussions with. There is also a workshop prior to the event for the entrepreneurs to make sure they are pitch perfect. As a result, the level of interest is consistently 90% or above for each company. The biggest problem is getting people to leave at the end of the night as they make plans for further discussions.


Mandy Rogan

Speedfunding Manager
Mandy has been screening hundreds of companies each month for over 5 years and both she and Piers have a wealth of recruitment experience, helping them when it comes to matching investors with the right opportunity.





The UK's largest and fastest-growing craft beer club.

Successfully Funded - £100,000


Funded: Feb 2014


A powerful digital group buying platform for independent food & drink retailers.

Successfully Funded - £255,000


Funded: Dec 2014



Lowdown is a mobile app helping busy professionals plan, prepare and navigate to meetings.

Successfully Funded - £105,000


Funded: Aug 2014


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