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The very best businesses

Only a few of the hundreds of businesses we talk to each month get chosen to pitch. They must have inspiring teams, scalable business models and valuations that make sense. Many come recommended by the network of accelerators, incubators and investors built up since 2007. We work with companies we would invest in (and we often do).

Investing alongside the smart money

What makes us different is finding an active “lead” investor for every deal and giving experienced business people the opportunity to really get involved. This active and committed involvement is as important to a company's success as their financial investment. There is no better mentor than one who has invested their own money.

Investing online

Once there is a lead investor on board, other investors can complete the funding round by buying shares online. We present the pitches online in a way that is transparent and easy to understand. You can see the full suite of investment documents as soon as you register, including business plan, financials, due diligence report and the legal Investment Agreement.

Why it all matters

What makes us unique is this winning blend of pre-screened businesses, lead investors and an online platform showing every document you need to make an investment. It’s the only way to keep our incredible track record. We believe in really getting to know our investors, so when you sign up, one of our team will give you a call to find out exactly how we can help.

Lead Investors

The chance to get involved in shaping businesses that could become tomorrow's stars

By adding your expertise to the team, you statistically improve your chances of making higher returns. We firmly believe it is the ultimate way to be involved in the startup space. You can mentor, drive forward and perhaps profit from the growth, without the long hours required to run the company yourself.

Investor training

We offer an unrivalled programme of masterclasses to keep you at the top of your game. Find out more about topics such as valuations, due diligence and legal agreements so you can be a confident investor.


Invested over £1m and lead 11 investments

Being a lead investor is a great way to get involved in investments I absolutely believe in. I look for passionate entrepreneurs and businesses I can genuinely contribute to.